We are Coyote, a modern media agency drawing on creative storytelling to elevate brand messages to new heights. In a world of green screens and daydreams, you can find our team out in the field grabbing the bull by the horns.


Connor Koch — Brand Director

Colin Rex — Creative Director

Jonny Morsicato — Operations Director

Christian Van Os Keuls — Art Director

Justin Kauffman — Cinematographer

We’re artists, athletes, and creatives. We’re from everywhere, hailing from Southern California to North Carolina, Colorado to Virginia. Somehow, we all met in the middle, forging a friendship along the thin air of the Continental Divide, watching the waters flowing both east and west from our new home to the places that formed us.

Our work is crafted with three things in mind: world-class imagery and video, beautiful writing and design, and relatable experiences. We travel around the world on foot, in the vertical, and on two wheels, immersing ourselves in the power of places and telling the stories hidden in plain sight.

Creative Services

We didn’t start here. Our years of experience in the industry have convinced us of one thing: there’s a more efficient way to create. The collective talents of our fast and light in-house team and our network of trusted collaborators have all the tools to bring your unique story to life. Your idea or ours, near or far, we’re able to provide top-shelf copywriting, design, photography, and videography at the drop of a hat.

Events & Activations

Getting your product in front of people, putting your brand in their hands, and bringing the story to life is the most meaningful way to separate the want-to’s from the real deal. Ready to launch your new brand/product into the stratosphere? Take advantage of our on-site accounts, large scale bike races, curated film festivals, and outdoor activity groups, and put your feet up while we get our hands dirty.

“The Coyote Collective delivers. From initial outreach to delivery of project assets, they were on top of communications with the most outstanding joyful passion. They understand what it means to mirror your vision and brand look/feel, but also take that to a whole new level (in a good way). I would describe them as genuine and humble, professional and competent, and timely and trustworthy. I have trusted the Coyote Collective with representing my brands on social and distribution of media across outlets. See your vision come to life, trust these creative folks to get it done and get it done right. TOP PRAISE for these rad shredders. Honor to work with you all.”

— Trevor Lien, Lead Out!

“Going into my first shoot with the Coyote team, I knew the final product would be first class. But what I didn't know is that the entire process leading up to that was of the same caliber. Top notch, top notch, top notch. 10/10 would work again on ANY project with the Coyote Collective!”

— Courtney Knott, Athlete

“Talk about a first in class community building experience! The Coyote Collective is the ultimate brand building expert team you didn't know you needed. Prepare to be inspired!”

— Mario Burciaga, Arc’teryx

“The Coyote Collective is a crew of some fun and rambunctious folks who do wonderful creative work! It's been a pleasure connecting more with the Coyotes through work and fun...gotta love the intersections of the cycling and outdoor communities! Need beautiful content from imagery to story? Yup, they are up for the task and will deliver! Need solid and honest feedback about gear? They'll put it through the wringer and let you know how it functions and performs. Need a core of passionate people? Look no further!”

— Jennah Dunham, Kitsbow

“I love the mix of content and creativity the Coyotes produce. I got to meet the entire crew at their film screening and I’ve been on a couple of group bike rides they host. They bring together a diverse, fun crowd and always have a great time. Super friendly and driven brand and I’m excited to see what else they produce!”

— James Ferraro, Event Attendee

“The best people I’ve worked with when it comes to storytelling. Their ability to hear what you need and convert it into refined content is unrivaled! Plus, rad guys to work with on a personal level!”

— Karan Bhatia, Front Runner

“I happened to meet a few of the Coyotes last summer in Mammoth at Black Velvet Coffee shop. We struck up a conversation about bike bags and ended up exchanging info as they were off to adventure in the mountains for the day. We stayed in touch and I got the pleasure of hearing some first hand accounts about the adventures behind the breathtaking content. What you need to know here, is that the Coyote Collective will do your brand and story proud. Talented and excellent people.”

— Graham Johnson, SportRX

“The Coyote team is very easy to work with and they deliver high quality content in a quick turnaround time. I enjoyed the partnership and look forward to doing more with them.”

— Lewis Wu, COROS

“Professionals all the way! I have a unique perspective as I worked directly with the Coyote Collective in a support role. They treat each interaction with the public as a forward facing representation of their company and in turn, all of the brands they work with. Whatever the task, challenge, or obstacle, the group worked with a "pack mentality" to address, overcome, and execute. Each mode of content, whether web, print, or video, is beautifully crafted and distinct. I will vouch for the Coyote Collective Media Group as a brand content generator companies can trust.”

— Chad Schoenauer, Bike Mechanic

“I worked with Coyote Collective to produce some content for my company and it came out perfect. They were very communicative and over delivered on assets. Will definitely be my go-to choice for any outdoor adventure type campaigns in the future.”

— Tim Riley, Heavy Water Coffee

"This group really puts a focus on cultivating a great community and supporting those around them, which makes it a great group to spend time with. They made me feel so welcome at my first gravel ride with them and helped me with several hiccups along the way. Definitely looking forward to participating in future events, whether it's gravel riding or film screenings, count me in."

— Samantha Foster, Event Attendee



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