Getting out into the unknown often requires more than two feet and a willing spirit. We use our trucks to take on backroads and long, lonely drives to epic places. When Front Runner called us up to put together a new campaign, “Find Anywhere,” we loaded up Connor’s Tacoma and hit the Range of Light, climbing, running, and camping below the backdrop of the majestic Eastern Sierra. 

There’s a lot of mountains to explore. Some of our favorites are in California, land of sun, surf, and… granite? That’s right — California is home to some of the most beautiful and challenging mountains in the northern hemisphere, from glacier-carved monsters soaring to 14,000 feet, to craggy, volcanic summits straight from Lord of the Rings. Our friends at Front Runner were mapping out their “Find Anywhere” series, and wanted a few climbing-focused pieces for use in their international campaigns. After heading down to Agoura Hills for a meetup, storyboard, and truck buildout, we motored up the 395, gateway to the Eastern Sierra. 

“I no longer stress about having the “right” gear, or my setup letting me down. With my truck being so dialed, I’m totally ready to rock at any time, from kitchen to camping, and I can focus on the adventure and the climb.”

As the Sierra unfolded before us, we pulled off and spotted a free-standing spire. After a little careful driving, we managed to roll right up to the base, hopping out of the truck for easy-access cragging with a special view: looming in the background was Mt. Whitney, tallest peak in the lower 48. We made camp below the stars, cooking up a classic veggie stew before climbing into the rooftop tents for some slumber.

For days 2 and 3, we rolled north to Mammoth Lakes, gateway to the interior Sierra and home of the famous Mammoth Mountain. In a rare break from the wildfire smoke of California summer, we popped out of our aspen-clad campground and headed for the high country, lugging a RED camera and a drone up to 11,000 feet above sea level for a never-before-seen look at the intimidating and bright-white Crystal Crag. Scrambling up to the summit, the wind dropped for a perfect moment, slowing enough for me to stand atop the tiny sparkling precipice above the town I called home for 2 years. With the built-out, adventure ready Tacoma, and some elbow grease, we could truly “climb anywhere,” but for now, this felt just right. 

“The Pro Camp Table is such a fantastic piece to slide out at camp, on the roadside, in parking lots — anywhere you need to throw down a meal. And it gets bonus points for being hidden, allowing you to bust out a magic trick and impress your crew every time.”

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