Promising innovation for runners, adventurers and athletes of all sports, COROS Wearables has not so quietly ascended to the throne in the GPS watch and fitness metrics world. Partnering with world-class athletes like Eliud Kipchoge (who wore the Pace for his world record marathon), trail and mountain legend Kilian Jornet, and Olympic Bronze Medalist Molly Seidel, COROS is the hottest brand you can strap on your wrist.

COROS Apex 2 Pro – Global Launch

COROS reached out to us to help launch and promote their new class-leading APEX 2 Pro GPS Watch, a jack of all trades activity tracker with a mountain and endurance focus. Our task was to craft creative, educational content featuring the watch and its new navigational software, as part of a broader narrative tied to the impact and spiritual nature of running. We’ve been working with the brand since their early days, so launching a marquee product was an opportunity we were thrilled to tackle.

The goal: Create exciting and educational content for the new APEX 2 Pro and COROS navigation ecosystem, specifically the new Route Planning navigation feature. We were tasked with showcasing the COROS navigation tools and various real-world scenarios, such as deviating from the route and how COROS keeps you from getting lost in the mountains.

We got to work drafting up a storyboard for the longer-form piece, and coordinated with two local athletes, Hannah Allgood and Marquis Bowden. Both runners have incredible stories behind their paths to professional running – Hannah on the mountain side, and Marquis on the personal side. We focused on harnessing their achievements and personal journeys, while keeping the entire campaign COROS-centric, blending a human element with the impressive technology behind the new hardware/software combo presented by the APEX 2. 

The 1-minute commercial featured a custom voiceover script, with a nod towards Marquis’ unique path, starting in inner city Los Angeles and following his dreams to Boulder, Colorado, where he committed himself to becoming a professional runner and qualifying for the US Olympic Marathon Trials. The script was designed to tie in neatly with COROS’ adventurous and pioneering brand spirit, always pushing forward into the frontier of wearable technology.

Marquis’ Story: 

Movement has always been my way forward. My path through the unknown. I started running to escape, kept running to fuel the fire. Now, I run to live.

I make my own routes and follow them step by step. 

I add checkpoints, small reminders that help me plan ahead for the day.

Sometimes there are obstacles, but if I deviate, I’m able to get back on track.

I’m able to explore without fear while knowing exactly how long until I reach the summit.

Each stride brings me one step closer to my ultimate goal. My best self. Eventually, these feet will carry me home.

Production Highlights:

Deliverables: 60s long-form video (for YouTube), 2x 30-45 second “series” videos (social), 2x 15 second stingers (paid ads), 40-50 photo selects (organic & paid media)

Tone: Aspirational, energetic, exploratory/curious, fun, creative, engaging

Location: Chautauqua Park, Front Range, Colorado

A behind the scenes look at the Apex 2 production in Boulder.

Colin Rex

Connor Koch

Marquis Bowden

Brian Lewis

Jonny Morsicato

Hannah Allgood

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