Comfortable and sustainable. Born in Louisiana, crafted from ethically sourced bamboo-cotton blends, tasc makes clothing for people on the move, the perfect pieces to complement a modern lifestyle. We’ve been running, relaxing, and traveling in their highly-versatile lineup of athleisure since 2017.

Tasc is committed to the quality of their threads, and nowhere is that more evident than their Motion line. When they were prepping to launch the new line of outdoor-focused apparel, they asked us to put the clothes to the test in the alpine terrain of the Sierra Nevada – an environment as different from NOLA as possible. We looped in local multisport crusher Tammy Watson and earned our dinner with a long training run beneath the shadow of Mt. Wood, a soaring pile of metamorphic slate reaching 12.6K in elevation.

The next morning, we shook out tired legs along the shores of June Lake, running from town and along the volcanic shores as the sun came up over the volcanic rubble to the east. The bamboo-based shirts wicked the sweat we worked up in the early heat, and we ended the run at our local favorite coffee and hang spot, The Lift, where the kits allowed us to smoothly transition from active to casual mode for breakfast. 

After putting the Motion line through the paces in the high mountains of the Sierra, we knew the clothes could carry us through the toughest workouts. Fortunately, tasc doesn’t compromise form for function, so our California Coast trip was a perfect balance to explore the full range of the outfits. We loaded up Weekender shorts and polos, threw in some Motion pants and a few classic Carrollton tees, and hit the famed Highway 1, road tripping from San Francisco to San Diego. 

On our way south, our plans to run were superseded by the swells hitting the coast, and we found ourselves surfing by morning, enjoying authentic Mexican food by day, and hitting the coastal social scenes by night. We packed a lot of variety into the trip, but one thing didn’t vary much: we were able to rock the tasc outfits for everything the coast threw our way. 

Old friends. New memories.

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